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West Virginia Wrongful Termination Attorney

Most employees are “at-will” employees, as opposed to contract employees, and can be terminated from their employment for a multitude of reasons that do not violate the law.  Under some circumstances, the employee may have been terminated from their job and was wrongfully terminated.  Meaning they were terminated from their employment in violation of federal, state and/or local laws.  An example of this would be if you were terminated based on your race, religion, sex, disability, age, national origin, and/or pregnancy.

An employee may have been wrongfully terminated for other reasons such as filing a workers’ compensation claim, reporting an illegal activity within the company (Whistleblower), reporting discrimination and/or sexual harassment, or reporting safety violations.  West Virginia law protects wrongfully terminated employees and as such, the employee can collect compensation for their losses in the form of damages.

Wrongful termination cases present many legal issues and can be extremely complicated.  Salango Legal Firm has experience and knowledge representing individuals who have been wrongfully terminated.  At Salango Legal Firm, we understand that losing a job is a traumatic experience and being terminated for unlawful reasons is unacceptable.  If you believe you have been wrongfully terminated by your employer, contact Salango Legal Firm at (304) 932-0394 for a free consultation.