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West Virginia Workplace Injury Attorney

West Virginia is a proud, hardworking state and as such, workplace injuries occur often in West Virginia.  Whether it is from an industrial workplace accident, coal mine, drilling rig site, or while logging and timbering, injuries can and do happen while at work.  In West Virginia, employees injured while on the job can file for Workers’ Compensation.  However, under certain circumstances, a West Virginia workplace injury attorney may be able to file a lawsuit against the employer.

West Virginia allows an employee to sue his employer for damages, not covered under Workers’ Compensation, if the employee can prove that his employer injured him with “deliberate intent”.  Meaning, the employer violated safety rules and regulations or failed to train the employee and as a result, deliberately placed the employee in danger.  In these circumstances, an employee may be able to sue his employer for the injuries sustained on the worksite.

Workplace injury cases can be extremely complex and complicated.  Salango Legal Firm has the experience needed and will help guide you through the procedure to ensure your case is properly handled.  If you have been injured while on the job through the deliberate actions of your employer, contact a West Virginia workplace injury attorney at Salango Legal Firm for a free consultation.